About the San Joaquin Valley Gateway

San Joaquin Valley
(photo credit: Joshua Gatts)

The San Joaquin Valley (SJV) of California is one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions; a center for oil and solar energy production; a vital link in the state’s complex water management system; and remains important for its species diversity and rare habitats.

The San Joaquin Valley Gateway was created to provide a durable, map-based website for institutions and individuals to explore and plan for ecological and economic sustainability in the region, which is faced with numerous challenges from ongoing land use change to climate impacts. The gateway is currently focused on two major initiatives: (1) the identification of least-conflict lands for solar PV development and (2) Phase II of the San Joaquin Valley Greenprint.

Both of these efforts were created as voluntary, non-regulatory processes to address important resource issues for the valley. Providing credible data and information in a highly transparent, interactive, and user-friendly manner allows for all stakeholders to participate in meaningful ways.

The vision for the gateway is to continue adding to the already rich library of relevant data and information while providing users with specific models and tools to help them explore and interpret increasingly complex sustainability issues of widespread interest and importance to the people of the San Joaquin Valley.